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TD5 Heavy Duty Torque Converter


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A heavy duty torque converter is desirable on a tuned engine for a few reasons :

1) Lower stall speed, there's little point in having a nice torquey engine if the converter is not transferring the drive and you are revving straight past it. A larger converter will reduce these revs and allow you to take up drive earlier which results in much more relaxed driving. This is by far the biggest advantage of upgrading the converter. Note these reduced revs are not to be confused with lower gear shift points, these stay the same as they are determined by the autobox ECU programming.

2) Less heat generation because of the lower stall speed and reduced 'slip'.

3) The converter has a lock up clutch inside and the smaller one struggles to cope with a stock engine, never mind a tuned one. This clutch can slip as you accelerate when it should be staying locked.

For the Td5 we are able to supply a heavy duty torque converter (T013 HD) for an additional £475 if supplied with a gearbox .   

The TD5 came out of the factory with the smaller of the three diameters of ZF converters, we supply the larger 'medium' diameter V8 type converter and a modified boss and flexplate with bolts to fit in place of the stock small one. Note crank bolts should be torqued to 115Nm.

The stock TD5 converter has 3 bolts, the new one has 4, the 4 bolts sit in a different place and its a little harder to access the new bolts.  We can supply a couple of parts to assist you, see related parts below and you will also need a ratchet spanner to fit the 4 converter bolts but to hold the bolts in place and create friction for the ratchet to click you will need to drill a hole in the bellhousing and use some long nose pliers to hold the bolt in place whilst you tighten it with the spanner through the normal lower access hole. Click here to see a template so you know where to drill the hole.

The three tools you may require are: 

1) 28mm dia hole saw, see here

2) 13mm ratchet spanner, see here

Please note this is only recommended on a tuned TD5 engine. If you put this on a stock TD5 engine it will be detrimental as the engine will not have enough power to get upto enough revs for the turbo to start working due to the lower stall speed, this results in the engine 'bogging down' at say 2000 rpm and very poor acceleration.

Please note that it is very common for the steel plate which is welded on the TD5 converter to be broken. If yours is broken I am afraid we will be unable to accept your converter as an exchange unit and you will need to purchase this as an outright product with no core return.



Please see comments from customers who have recently purchased a heavy duty torque converter:-


"Hi , Dave  just a quick note on my v8 converter install, did a 1200 kilometre trip and returned pretty much 10lts per hundred on all the trip , it now just changes and the bigger converter locks up quiet quickly thus the increased economy, probably between 150 - 200kls more to a tank...and not having it constantly slip on acceleration and changing gears is fantastic, it’s a much nicer drive, would highly recommend for any other modded td5 out there.. many thanks for your tech support on the install too, it was much appreciated, many thanks tim.(Australia).."

" I got one of these units from yourselves ordered and fitted by K motors last week. I would just like to say it has changed my stage 2 tuned TD5 completely. Does exactly what you said it would do. Its now using the available torque much lower down the rev range and pulling like a train. A much quicker vehicle." "I received the torque convertor two weeks ago and installed it last week. All works perfectly and the discovery drives much better - very happy with the purchase". "Much better acceleration, changes gear around 2-2200 revs not 2,800 as it used to do under moderate acceleration with light acceleration changes at 18-1900 revs or less. Much more relaxed drive, engine and gearbox do seem to be more in tune and meant for each other. I think fuel economy is going to be another benefit as well.  Great mod and great job! "

"As stated below it is a must have upgrade for the Discovery owner....I no longer need earplugs due to the reduced stall speed making the car quieter and more refined to drive! You now get to use the torque of the TD5 rather than rev the bits off it !"

"I would like to say how delighted I am with the HD torque converter. It has completely transformed my Discovery td5 for the better, Landrover should have fitted them from the start. I hope it will help my economy as much as it has my drivability and towing. The upgrade is being frequently mentioned on the discussion forums on the internet, and I have certainly mentioned it to others in my Land Rover club as a must have."

Just a quick note to say ‘thanks’. Just got back from my first drive of my Disco TD5 with the new HD torque converter fitted, it us utterly utterly transformed, vehicle accelerates so smoothly, can’t tell when it changes gear and revs are far lower. A totally brilliant piece of kit, anyone  one with an auto Discovery should have one of these fitted. It also makes all the tuning (chipped and larger intercooler etc.) come to life. Please feel free to add this to the many complementary things people have put on your website. Once again thanks for bringing my Land Rover to life.

This is a short note to say how very pleased I am with my stage 2 Disco TD5 now that it has your excellent torque converter fitted.  No longer do I have to shield my ears when moving off, just the slightest touch of the pedal and I’m away on a magic carpet of delightful diesel torque.  What a transformation, excellent value for money and a great grin factor.  Disco as it should be.

"Hi Molly,  Received the package before Christmas in good order and have had it fitted last week by a LR specialist locally.

 It has transformed the car and the only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.

 Thank you for your assistance and a great product.

 Best Regards"


In addition to the sales price you will be charged a core deposit charge. This amount will be refunded to you if and when you return your exchange unit. 


Please note that it is very common for the steel plate which is welded on the T013 to be broken. If yours is broken I am afraid we will be unable to accept your converter as an exchange unit and you will need to purchase this as an outright product.




In order to calculate your shipping costs you will need to put the items in your shopping basket and confirm your delivery address. Once you have entered these details a shipping quote will be generated. Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.

Product Code: T013HD

Technical Information / FAQ's » (Click to Expand Collapse)

It is very important that you locate and install your torque converter correctly.


One of the most common causes of failure is the torque converter not being located correctly onto the pump before fitting causing the pump to be broken on start up.

To avoid this we would suggest that you stand the autobox upright and lower the torque converter into the bellhousing.

When the torque converter has fully located onto the pump it is essential to then measure the distance from the bellhousing front face to the torque converter feet ( also known as the flange that the flexplate is bolted to).

Once the torque converter is inserted and checked make sure it does not fall forward when offering the autobox up to the engine.

Do not be tempted to pull the gearbox into position with the bellhousing bolts, it should fully locate on the engine with no gap between the bellhousing and engine block.

With the autobox fitted to the engine, check that the converter will rotate freely and has a small amount (about 2mm) of end float.

Bolt the converter to the flex plate using loctite or similar on the thread of the bolts.

Ensure the breather vents well away from the exhaust.

Torque Converter Distance measurements (bellhousing face to torque converter feet) The box code is the last 3 digits of the second number down on the name plate on the left hand side of the autobox. Box Code Depth in mm 766 - 96mm 773 - 96mm

Please call if you have any other queries.

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Heavy duty torque converter is mint

Just had the torque converter changed to a heavier one from Ashcroft, results are fantastic, does not rev as high the engine seems to be much quieter and acceleration is quicker - this is how it should have been from the start the drive is transformed dare I say comfortable (in a defender). My vehicle is a 1999 Defender 90 td5 with a discovery 2 auto box and a compushift. This also fixed my torque converter lockup issue that was unreliable to say the least, now that too works when the compushift tells it to. Thanks Ashcroft.

Paul Mason :: Jul 08 2018, 17:56 PM

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