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When we rebuild a diff they all have four new taper roller bearings, new oil seal and about 75% have a new drive flange, the ring and pinions are inspected for wear and damage and if they look OK and set up OK with marking blue they are reused, if not, new are fitted.

The rover type diff comes in 10 or 24 spline, 3 or 4 bolt drive flange, 3.54 ratio and imperial or metric, please specify either the landrover part number or vehicle type and year when ordering.

4.7 diffs are dearer at base price £400 exchange

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Diffs can be built with a variety of centres, ring and pinions and can be pegged.  For more information about diff pegging see here   You can build your diff spec by making the selection in the drop down boxes.  Please note an order for a pegged diff will have around a 3 week lead time.

Please note that Series Vehicle and Range Rover Classic vehicles, pre 1983,  have oil filler plugs in the diff housing, rather than the axle housing.  If you need a oil filler plug on your rebuilt diff please make us aware of this in comments box that will arise during the order process.




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Videos to show what a differential comes with.


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Please note the early Range Rover (upto about 1983) 10 spline diff had the oil filler plug in the diff as opposed to in the axle housing like the later vehicles, if you need this early type please be sure to mention this when ordering.

The stock diffs are not particulaly strong if you are a regular off roader, the usual failure mode for these 2-pin diffs is friction welding of the 2 small sun gears to the cross pin resulting in the pin shearing and instant failure, this process happens very quickly when wheel spinning.

If you find you are breaking the stock diffs regulaly I would suggest looking at either the 4-pin diff or a limited slip or locking type.

If you are unsure if you have metric or imperial diffs note that the diffs changed from imperial to metric in about 1983, the way of telling which you have is if you have a look on the head of one of the 4 journal end cap bolts and if you have '8.8' written on the head it's metric.

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